A Little Bit....


After being in the "wine industry" for several years, David, Pat and the team at The Yea Winery, Cidery & Brewery decided to branch out into the Cider market. This was a big change for everyone. We sourced the cider, created the branding, labels and promotion of these Ciders. To our amazement and surprise, the Ciders are rapidly overtaking the wine sales in the popularity stakes. We have been lucky enough to have some local retailers take them on board and are doing seemingly well. It is our mission to have these ciders in all the popular and quirky shops throughout Victoria
We believe in what we sell and now is the perfect time to be advertising the Ciders.  We offer both retail and trade customers the opportunity to experience our Ciders.  If you are a retail customer, please send us an email  or call 03 9887 3074 to arrange placing an order today!!  We also offer FREE tastings at our shop - 94 High Street, YEA.
If you are a trade customer, contact us about receiving a FREE tasting pack of our ciders.  They sell themselves and we know you won't be disappointed!!